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IW-0402 - A signed Bradley & Hubbard piece


IW-0202 - low-relief flowers, an Art Nouveau influence.
IW-0102 - This beautiful piece has a glass insert
IW-0502 - Square cut crystal with waffle pattern bottom
IW-0302 - pewter with a patterned glass well
IW-0902 - Pot metal. Tray has a relief feather design.
IW0802 - beautiful caste iron double snail inkwell
IW-0702 - Floral patterned pottery, dome shaped inkwell
IW1002 - Polished solid brass inkwell with oval pen tray
DS-220 - is a brass 3 piece set in a tray.
 IW-1121 - Brass Portable Scribe Pen Case and well.
 IW403 - This piece is hand crafted. Signed Geschuzt Depose - Germany.


 IW-351- This pottery inkwell is very attractive.


 DS-223 - a-d Tiffany - Zodiac pattern.


 IW-412 - Saucer base with attached inkwell plus lid. Gouda, Holland.


 IW-410 - Plastic, Morriset Pen & Ink with glass bottle inside.


IS-242 - Small Inkset with penholder.


  IW-413 - Great Brass Inkwell.


  IW-337 - Victoria - late 1800s - beautiful.


  IW-309 - An absolutely gorgeous tiny ceramic ink. SOLD


  IW-400 - Pressed glass well. Possibly late 19th century.


 IW-328 - An unusual Dear head with antlers - inkwell. SOLD


 IS-241 - Small Brass Inkset


  IW-307 - Dark finish - cast iron - turn of the century.


 IS-312 - Classic, six piece Bradley and Hubbard set.


 IS-324 - A delightful painted onyx ink set.


 IW-248- Large Brass double inkwell.


  IW-317 - A pretty little crystal piece.


  IW-335 - A simple 50's piece.

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