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DS-220 is a brass 3 piece set in a tray. There are two inkwells plus a paperweight. We are not sure if the item in the middle one has a hinge on the top which can be used for assorted items or as a paperweight. It can be used as a candleholder as well . You decide. The tray dimension is 1H x 10-1/3W x 4-1/4D. Each inkwell is 2-3/4H x 3-1/2W x 3-1/2D. The total weight is a whopping 5-3/4lbs. Quite heavy. The writing is in French. One says "Tinte, one "Diversa and the last one is blank. The tray is engraved with "J. Bradivie, 5-30-79, Love Susan. It has some shell decorations on the corners of each piece. This would look great on any old wood desk or added to you personal collection. $240.

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