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MPW-0102 - Millefiori paperweight is green with pinkish hues.

MBO-0102 - 4 eyed original bottle opener is a classic.

 MRB-0102 - Add a wonderful accent with the use of a rocker blotter.
MHE-0102 - contemporary little pen or whatever holder is really pretty
MLH-0201 - This cast iron note holder “T STAR” on both sides
MRB-0202 - Wonderful photographic art on a rocker blotter.


 V-347 - Yellow Cantor ceramic vase.
M-252 - Parker (Electro-Polished Point) Display Cabinet.
 M-348 - Waterman Ideal Master Ink Bottle.


 M-253 - Lion Head Corporate Seal.


 M-287 - A childs "Magnus" organ.


 M-295 - Display Cabinet.


 TY-351- Green Typewriter made by Rheinmetal Co.


 TY-353 - All black Corona. In great condition.


 V-279 - A blue vase with applied leaves.


 M-278 - A simple yet elegant petite showcase.


 M-244 - is a double headed American Indian Pen Tray.


 M-247 - Photograph - Instant Uncle.


 M-249 - Marble Penholder / Ash Tray


 M-254 - RCA Victor Radio.


 M-301- Christmas Ceramic Tree.


 M-310 - Magnifier.


 TY-352 - Corona Folding Typewriter.


 M-355 - Made in Slovakia. Vase or planter.


 M-332 - A set of stylish brass candle holders.


 M-285 - 1926 Westclox pocket watch.


 V-283 - It's the real McCoy.


 V-329 - Very attractive pinkish hued vase.


 M-331 - Three pen holders.

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